Hi. It's me and I love art. ART can be many things like, videos, paintings, and acting. Plus MUSIC! On the "LCLC" page, I will have Iframes of me and my friend's youtube channel.

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lion art

Need art advice? Email me at yolopeggy21@gmail.com painting art

I admire art among many people. Some are AMAZING, some are PHENOMENAL, some are abscract, that is the the definition of this.


"The Duck Song" is a very catchy, a little annoying, but famous song about a duck and a man at a lemonade stand. "Got any grapes?"

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Dude Perfect=YouTube

Good Mythical Morning= Good Mythical Morning

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Audrey and Sammy

A line or to from me and Cherry: PLEASE subscribe: We have our youtube channel: LCLC and we are lacking subscribers!!! We love ours fans an I hope that they like our vids!!!! Thank you!!!!