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We made a pumpkin pie. This video is a "Life hack" video, but in the kitchen. It turns out really good when its done, golden brown, pumpkin pie. (Life hack: don't use any extra sugar,if you want a natual taste: (no whip cream, sprinkles).

Visual apperance is a big thing these days. (LIFE HACK: Don't go TOO crazy. Be natural. Because you are a natural beauty.) But these tutorials of makeup, make you look really awesome, without trying too hard. #HAIR_

Me and Cherry love music!. Our favorite singers or "artists" #slappy_stool

  1. Bruno Mars
  2. Mark Ronson
  3. Adam Levine(Maroon 5)
  4. Niall Horan
  5. DNCE
  6. Fall out boy

This is our favorite vid: HAHA. LOL.